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Briefly in English

Hi there everyone!

To our delight there’s been also interest for KILPI outside of Finland so here’s a short description in English as well. I think you’ve been noticed that is something else than English ;-)

Some words from myself first. I was born on 1970 which means I’m old fart now ! :-/ It means as well on 80’s I was on the age when people normally start to like a certain type of music. For me it was (and still is) 80’s hard/heavy rock, bands like Accept, Iron Maiden, Queensryche, Dokken, Scorpions, WASP, Dio, Helloween, RATT, TNT, Y&T, Judas Priest, Yngwie J. Malmsteen, Skid Row……


In that time I also started to learn to play guitar so it’s obvious these bands I counted ahead effected a lot for my way to play it and also to the riffs I composed. During the years I’ve played many bands with different style of music. But 80’s hard/heavy rock was my ambition and the flame smolded in my heart all the time through the years.

Then about how KILPI came into being! Apprx three years ago I made a decision I finally want required equipments to create music I want at home by myself. I went to the bank asking for loan and then I purhased recording set-up. Then I practised to use those ;-) When I made some music I just noticed it was very 80’s hard/heavy rock. Suprise !!!???? I used some riffs I’ve been composed even right in the beginning of 90’s and it felt nice I finally had use for those because those were quite ok. My wife is zealous writer and every now and then she write up some sort of wierd poems or what ever those are, writings anyway. I asked her to give me some for trying to fit in those to the music I made. I did succeed in some of those and the result sounds quite interesting. Normally this sort of music been singed in English but now it was in Finnish. Then I really felt I just must go forward with this case somehow.

I contacted to my old friend Taage who is very good and experienced singer. As well he’s a huge fan of heavy music in spite of sub genres. I played my scribbles to Taage and he reflected as well this is something very nice and interesting. I removed my demo vocal parts from these songs and Taage sang those again with proficiency. WOW! That was it! We made apprx 5-6 songs ready and after that we contacted to the rest of the guys now plays in KILPI band. All members were enthused to join this team. Of course we were previously friends with Jane, Alba, Kukkis and Janne and we knew these are people who likes same kind of stuff like Taage and I do.

I decided KILPI will make first single as a “homemade” publication and see how does it “thump to the business”. However a old friend of mine who’s been decades in music busines heard it and told “No no, we just founded a record company so let’s publish it through that one and let’s make more decisions after that when we see how it goes…”.

So, that was the way we made it. We delivered KILPI’s first single from the song “Nerokasta Ikävää” to the radio stations and rock magazines in Finland. To our delight it got into the playlist in YleX radio station which is most respected and “street-credible” national radio broadcasting company in Finland. Confusing experience for the guy in my age! :-) It stayed in playlist apprx fifteen weeks so now there already where quite a many citizen who knew what is KILPI. During that period as well Radio SuomiPOP started to play it as well and this is also very popular station in Finland. And actually it still plays it which is super!

After that encouraging start it appears a huge amount of questions “ when album ???”. In the beginning of February 2003 we started to record full album. I built up my studio equipments to my parents cottage and there we recorded our first “Sähkönsinistä Sinfoniaa” album with cold winter weathers and wild deers for company. We hadn’t any lack of material so the session was only recording, not any composing or arrange deliberating. Nice and cozy!

The “Sähkönsinistä Sinfoniaa” deput album official day out was 28th May 2003. It raised immediatily to the Finnish official Albums TOP40 chart and it stayed there for four weeks.

Then summer 2003 came up and we started to do thing live! Nice happenings like Ruisrock, Tavastia etc etc… And actually we continued doing gigs quite much all over the Finland.

On spring time 2004 we released new single “Sielut Iskee Tulta” which succeed more or less the same way as “Nerokasta Ikävää” one year earlier like I discribed up there. Maybe even some better because of the great Finnish hard-rock station Radio City took it in to it’s power-play rotation. We got the playlist postitions in most important rock radiostations and as well this gave us a opportunity to do more gigs and nice activities with this case of ours.

On summer 2004 we played in more than ten festivals and at the same time we started to record our second album II Taso (=Second Level). The day out for that one was 29.9.2004 and it reached TOP10 in the Finnish official Albums TOP40 chart :-) All together it stayed TOP40 five weeks.

After the release we started our first real tour “Sielut Iskee Tour 2004” and we went around the Finland from the beginning of October till the end of December. Then we “went home” for apprx two months and the second part of this tour, “Sielut Iskee Tour 2005”, started on the beginning of February and it continued till the end of March.

I guess this is more or less all what has happend so far…

Thank you for your interst and looking forward to see ya somewhere!

With Best Wishes,

Pete Kilpi

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